SK-S5105 Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer

SK-S5105 Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer
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  • SK-S5105
  • Saluki Technology
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Saluki Technology SK-S5105 Frequency Range: 30kHz – 18GHz/26.5GHz, 50MHz - 40GHz Key... more
Product information "SK-S5105 Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer"

Saluki Technology
Frequency Range: 30kHz – 18GHz/26.5GHz, 50MHz - 40GHz

Key Features

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Power Monitoring
  • Vector Network Analysis
  • Field Strength Measurement
  • Vector Voltage Measurement
  • USB Power Measurement
  • Cable and Antenna Feeder Test
  • With data storage, playback and comparison functions
  • With USB, LAN and other interfaces for program control and data transmission
  • With six-independent cursor display function, and the cursor position can slide with the finger.
  • 8.4 inch LCD touch screen, easy to operate, friendly man-machine interface, visual display.
  • Small size, light weight, secondary environmental adaptability, easy to carry and test in special occasions.
  • Test data can be stored and called, and three kinds of storage media are available: 1.5G or more high-capacity internal storage, USB external storage, SD external storage.
  • Battery powered, suitable for field use, intelligent power management, with remaining battery capacity indication and low battery alarm function, and sleep energy-saving function.

With frequency range of 18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz, S5105D/E/F microwave multifunctional analyzers integrate multiple functions such as dual-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna feeder test, vector voltage measurement, spectrum analysis (channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, interference analysis and frequency counting), field strength measurement and power measurement, providing you with powerful comprehensive test capabilities.

Model Frequency Range
S5105D 30kHz – 18GHz
S5105E 30KHz – 26.5GHz
S5105F 50MHz – 40GHz
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