SK-S3101 Cable & Antenna Analyzer

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Series SALUKI SK-S3101 Cable & Antenna Analyzer (1MHz - 4GHz / 8GHz) Frequency range: 1... more
Product information "SK-S3101 Cable & Antenna Analyzer"

Series SALUKI SK-S3101
Cable & Antenna Analyzer (1MHz - 4GHz / 8GHz)

  • Frequency range: 1 MHz to 8 GHz.
  • Impact, dust, and splash resistant.
  • 7 Measurement functions: Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, DTF Return Loss, DTF VSWR, Smith Chart and Port Phase.
  • Smarter and faster electronic calibrator.
  • More than 8 hours of continuous battery operation.
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen provides bright display both indoors and out-doors with the largest viewing angle in it's class.
  • Dual window display for dual measurement format.
  • List sweep for simultaneous upstream and downstream testing.
  • Measurement guide helps new users quickly get familiar with the instrument.
  • Supports USB memory stick and PC connectivity for easy efficient data management and automation.
  • Data and trace storage on, FLASH memory, SD card or USB device
  • Built-in GPS receiver (through the external GPS antenna) saves current location information with trace data.

The Saluki SK-S3101 is a new generation Cable and Antenna Analyzer that boosts your troubleshooting and testing speed while optimising usability. Utilising the latest advancements in technology, the SK-S3101 has been optimized for field conditions, ease of use, and efficient sweep management capabilities.


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