SK-S1103 Synthesized Signal Generators (up to 67GHz)

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Series SALUKI SK-S1103 Synthesized Signal Generators (up to 67 GHz) with optional... more
Product information "SK-S1103 Synthesized Signal Generators (up to 67GHz)"

Series SALUKI SK-S1103
Synthesized Signal Generators (up to 67 GHz) with optional extension to 500 GHz

  • Wide frequency range.
  • High quality.
  • Low phase noise signal.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Precise power output
  • Compatible with the SAV82406 Series Frequency Extender to extend output frequency up to 500 GHz

The Saluki SK-S1103 series of synthesized signal generators offer top-level performance. Integrated dual-channel AF modulation - generator and internal pulse generator. The SK-S1103 can be used to generate high quality AM, FM, ØM and pulse modulation signals. While the SK-S1103 was designed with comprehensive performance evaluation of electronic systems in mind, it can also be used as a local oscillator for transmitters and receivers. The SK-S1103 is mostly used in aviation, spaceflight, radar, communications and navigational equipment.

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